To find out more information on this ground-breaking technology and to become an investor, view their website at Reminova.

Reminova are trying to reduce drill and fill

Reminova was formed in 2014 to provide dentists and patients with new preventative treatments for tooth decay. Some years ago, Reminova founders took a radically different approach to decay management that focused on repairing enamel and reversing decay, painlessly, and quickly.

Working collaboratively over many years with the best UK academics picked from the fields of dentistry, chemistry, engineering, and imaging; Reminova successfully completed their project, and patented it too.

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What’s Reminova’s Plan?

Reminova is aiming to raise £1m from UK and US individuals to take its revolutionary tooth-rebuilding invention to market, and potentially transform global dental health. With the use of ShareIn’s Microsites technology– which enables you to raise funds from your own website – we are proud to announce that this the first time a company has run an equity crowdfunding campaign in the UK and US simultaneously.

A spokesperson for Reminova discussed the issue of tooth decay and how they are planning on rectifying this global problem: “Tooth decay affects seven billion people at some point in their lives. It costs the world hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Insurers spend $50 billion on tooth decay in the US alone.

The company’s pain-free treatment reverses and repairs early-stage tooth decay. It uses electrical pulses to regrow natural tooth enamel. There is no need for fillings or injections – instead teeth are painlessly repaired.”

The Beauty of Equity Crowfunding

Led by CEO Dr. Jeff Wright and chair, Professor Nigel Pitts, investors are being invited to buy shares in Reminova. Minimum investment levels have been set at £1,000 in the UK/EU and $5,000 in the US.  Wright added: “The beauty about equity crowdfunding is we get shareholders who, like us, want to take the fear, stress and pain out of trips to the dentist, as well as being motivated by the potential financial returns.

With their help and investment, our tooth rebuilding treatment could be available to patients within three years. Together we can change the face of dentistry.”

Reminova Introductory Video

To find out more information on this ground-breaking technology and to become an investor, view their website at Reminova.



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