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Equity finance from your own website.

Our Microsite enables you to raise funds on your own website. No wasting your valuable marketing resource promoting a crowdfunding platform. You crowdfund yourself with our expert help behind the scenes.

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Why choose ShareIn?

Custom branding

Design and tailor your pitch page to look and feel like it is part of your main website/URL.

Payment Provider Integration

We manage the transaction for you, that includes taking payments, hosting and dealing with financial regulations.

No Code Required

Our Microsites run in the cloud on secure servers, so you don't have to mess with anything technical.


Our tried and tested technology takes away the pain of setting up your own investment platform.

Our software handles every step of the investment process and ensures compliance at every stage, so you can get on with growing your business.

Product example for clients
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API based, it integrates with your system to enable your users to make payments, hold their money in escrow in wallets, transfer money and make pay outs.

The ShareInPay systems enables you to create wallets for your users and record money held on their behalf. This is real money held in a named client money account.

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