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At ShareIn we believe in the power of community; groups of connected people with positive intent can be a force for positive change.

The internet has connected people like never before. It has enabled each of us to give expression to our interests and connect with people globally. There’s no geographic limitation to sharing; the global connected population is now your potential audience.

This new power is not without its controversy. The negative consequences of social media such as Fake news, shaming and the divisive nature of online debate are important ongoing conversations for society. We’re still wrestling with the wider implications of these changes and how to address them, after all we evolved in groups and settlements of 150 and today we can connect 7.5 billion people!

But for all the well known negative aspects of greater connectedness what perhaps doesn’t get enough focus are the positive benefits this can bring to individuals, communities and wider society. Increased connections between like minded people can lead to positive outcomes for many.

When you have a global audience at your finger tips what once may have been considered niche interests are not. You can connect to others around the world that share and enthuse those interests – you can find your tribe. You might be enthusiastic about building Lego model replicas of real objects, well there’s a global community dedicated to that. Do you like modifying IKEA furniture? There’s a global community dedicated to that. Are you a fan of fishing in world of Warcraft - you can join a community dedicated to that. Your niche interest isn't so niche when you've got the whole world to talk to.

My point is that with a global audience you can find a community of people that share the same interests.

When ShareIn started we worried that crowdfunding (later direct investment) would be dominated by maybe one or two players that were able to benefit from large positive network externalities you see in businesses like Google and Facebook. There are of course some larger platforms but there are many more platforms that have emerged catering to specific investment interests. These have not dominated the industry as direct investment is not a "winner takes all market", it's actually a growing collection of communities with their own interests and expertise. We bet on the fact that there wouldn’t only be one, because the internet empowers niche communities and there would be many investment platforms, each catering to the interests and needs of their own investor audience.

Connecting these communities leads to positive outcomes. It funds renewable energy in countries in Africa. If funds property redevelopment projects. It funds ethical and impact projects. These projects are delivering returns for investors as well as delivering projects that have a positive contribution to society. Investor communities come together and affect change through enlightened self interest.

At ShareIn we’re all for investment communities. We help our customers connect their communities safely and securely making sure that the rules as set down by the FCA are followed and that parties enter into investments with full product knowledge. We help you bring together your community – with their unique investment interest, experience and risk appetite.

We believe empowered communities can make good things can happen!

If you'd like to find out more about having your own direct investment platform that enables your business, then please get in touch and speak to one of the ShareIn team.

Enable change with direct investment