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Our ISA API is a service to record users ISA related transactional activity throughout the tax year and can be used to police ISA thresholds. The API is complemented with an administrative console for managing ISA transfers in and ISA transfers out. The console makes HMRC ISA activity report available at the year end so you can submit this directly to HMRC.

The ISA API can be used as a standalone service or in conjunction with the ShareInPay API. Full endpoint details can be found here:

Read more about our ISA manager service or contact us for more information.

ShareInPay API

The ShareInPay API is an API first, CASS compliant payment service for managing payins, transfers between users and payouts. It also includes a KYC service for both individual users and organisations.

A popular use case for ShareInPay is direct investment crowdfunding: Collecting many payments towards a single target raise. Other use cases include:

  • distribution of loan repayments to lenders
  • payment of dividend income to investors
  • collection of deposits for nominee account trade settlement
  • payins of ISA cash

ShareInPay can faciliate these work flows. Specific domain knowledge is managed outside of the API. ShareInPay works well with ShareInInvest, our customisable investment platform.

Full endpoint details can be found here.

If you have an existing platform and are looking to process ISA transactions ShareInPay is a strong CASS compliant replacement to e-money vendors when used with our ISA API.

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