ShareIn is delighted to partner with Women Returners to support talented women like you to return to the workplace after an extended period away.

About the Programme

The placement will be tailored to suit your skill sets and experience, but the areas that we are particularly looking for women with experience in Sales, Marketing or Development/Engineering. The placement will be paid Fixed Term Contracts of employment for 16 weeks, with options for you to continue your career beyond that with ShareIn if the right opportunity comes up. We understand that returning to work may be a challenging prospect, but don’t worry, we’ll provide you with support and mentoring throughout the placement – so that you feel right at home. You will also receive coaching support from Women Returners to help you to transition successfully back into the workplace. As coaching support will be delivered centrally, you will benefit from a large supportive peer network.

The criteria for applying for the programme is that you are:

  • Returning to work after a career break of at least 12 months
  • Experienced in working a professional role in Development/ Engineering, Marketing or Sales
  • Have the ambition and drive to potentially develop a fulfilling career with ShareIn
  • Excited by new technologies in the workplace (a willingness to learn rather than recent experience is far more important to them)
    • Specific experience relating to placement opportunities:
    • Development/Engineering – we develop using using C# ASP.NET MVC and the Microsoft stack
    • Marketing – Experience in Financial Services and B2B marketing
    • Sales – Experience with B2B Sales

What we will give in return

At the end of the placement we will have given you:

  • The experience of returning to the workplace and doing a brilliant job
  • The opportunity to dust off your skills and experience gained prior to your career break
  • Training in workplace technologies e.g Slack and Trello
  • The potential for a permanent role within the team.
Flexible Working Options (if required) include:
  • Part time work (3-4 days or shorter days for 5 days)
  • Shifted hours (start/finish early or late)
  • Compressed hours (full time over fewer days)
  • Flexible hours (usually in the office during ‘core hours’)
  • Whilst permanent remote working with ShareIn is not possible, we do maintain a remote working policy by arrangement.

Application Process

Please apply by sending a cover letter and CV to Sally Lloyd.

If you have any questions on the programme itself, please contact Hazel Little.

Closing date for applications is 30 September at 23.59.

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