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ShareIn can provide white label crowdfunding and direct investment software to fit your needs. Add on our fully authorised financial regulation service together with ShareInPay, the investment payments solution, and you can start focusing on the business you want to grow now.

ShareInInvest Direct Investment Software Could Be Great For You if…

  • You have a great idea for a direct investment platform
  • You have a source of companies or projects that require funding
  • You have a network or a niche to build an investor base
  • You don’t want to reinvent the wheel
  • You want to launch fast



An off the shelf platform to get launched fast through to a fully tailored solution that fits your unique requirements.

Scalable, Robust & Secure:

Cloud solution with monthly admin maintenance and support including issue logging and resolution.

Tax Wrapper

An optional ISA manager service for tax efficient investment.


A full content management system to enable you to control your own site.


Works with our payment system, ShareInPay, so you can hold investor money in compliance with HMRC regulation.

No IT skills required

There is no need for your own in-house development team. We handle website, database, document hosting, maintenance and email service.


We’ve been specialising in building property platforms. Find out more here.

Create a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for your equity deals and with our platform sell shares in the SPV.

Whatever type of real estate we can help – residential, commercial, developments, buy-to-let, build to let…

Structure your deals how you wish – equity, mezzanine or straight debt.

With our platform you make distributions or capital repayments back to investors wallets. That means there is no need to send cheques in the post. Investors can then reinvest easily and quickly in the future property deals on your platform.

“Speed to market and the ability to customise the platform for Downing’s products and customers were the key criteria in selecting ShareIn. They have been super responsive, and got us out before our competitors, without charging an arm and a leg.”
Julia GrovesHead of Crowdfunding (& previously Chair of UKCFA)


We’ve helped launch a number of Bond Platforms. A particular focus has been renewable energy bonds. Some of our clients are directly authorised and some use our umbrella FCA services.

Did you know some crowd bonds are now eligible to be held in an Innovative Finance ISA? We’ve been an Innovative Finance Manager since December 2016.

Ready to raise capital your way?