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Welcome to ShareIn

Being authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is a serious responsibility, and becoming an Appointed Representative (AR) is more than a form filling exercise. We will thoroughly assess your fitness and propriety before submitting your FCA application, and we count on you to get required documentation to ShareIn quickly.

First steps: Get orientated

Over the course of the on-boarding period at ShareIn, ShareIn Compliance will help you to understand the many requirements of operating a financial services business. But where do you start? The next few links will help get you orientated.

Understanding Product governance

You are required to evidence how the product you are selling addresses your target market’s needs. To this end you will need to evidence the full product development cycle: how you decided on a project, who it is designed for, how you make sure that the right people are investing and the wrong people staying out.

Conflicts of Interest: Documenting, eliminating, remediating

The latest financial services regulation has raised the bar on how firms must protect investors from being harmed by conflicts of interest. You must log and eliminate or mitigate all conflicts of interest – anything that could harm your clients.

When you have a new offer

After you’ve identified the needs of your target market and have created a product designed for them, you’ll need to develop materials that describe and promote your offer. The following links will help get you started.

Other pre-launch requirements

This “Getting Started” list is not an exhaustive list of your responsibilities, and you’ll want to read the Compliance Manual and attend all required training. The following are areas to keep in mind in the early days of preparing your product for launch. ShareIn will follow up with new AR clients on these points during the onboarding process.

Required training on Financial Crime

If you are thinking about using Introducers

Logs and registers you will need to complete and maintain