Renewable Energy Bond

Client Downing

London-based investment managers Downing first crowdfunded bond powered by ShareIn reached its £3.2M target. Downing offered a one-year fixed rate 6.25% crowdfunded renewable energy bond that closed 21 days ahead of its deadline.


 “Speed to market and the ability to customise the platform for Downing’s products and customers were the key criteria in selecting ShareIn. They have been super responsive, and got us out before our competitors, without charging an arm and a leg,”

Julia Groves, Head Of Crowdfunding (& Previously Chair Of UK Crowdfunding Association)

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Football Club – Fan Ownership


Client Hibernian FC

Hibernian FC kicked off their new share issues campaign to provide supporters the opportunity to own up to 51% of shares in the club. This is the first time a football club has enabled fans to buy shares directly on their Club’s own website.


“We now have the situation where a financial technology company has come up with a way that still meets all of the regulatory requirements, but allows supporters a very easy process to buy shares with a few clicks of a button. I expect this to be very popular,”  

Leeann Dempster, Chief Executive

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Community Interest Company

Client BlipfutureCommunity Interest Company Blipfuture successfully raised over £120,000 through equity crowdfunding to become the new owners of the photo sharing social network, Blipfoto.


 “The Blipfoto community buyout, raising over £125,000 from more than 1,300 members, could not have succeeded without the speed, flexibility and support we received from ShareIn,” 

Ian Stevenson, Director

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University Spin Out – Cross Border UK- US investment Into A UK Company


Client Reminova

King’s College London spin-out Reminova successfully raised funds on their website from UK, EU, and US investors. This is the first time a company has run an equity crowdfunding campaign directly from their own website in the UK and US simultaneously.


“The beauty about equity crowdfunding is we get shareholders who, like us, want to take the fear, stress and pain out of trips to the dentist. As well as being motivated by the potential financial returns,”

Dr. Jeff Wright, CEO

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