We are delighted to announce that our platforms can now accept investments in both Euros and Sterling and can be navigated in multiple languages.


We believe all kinds of alternative investments can and should happen online. The days of paper brochures and posting cheques are long gone.


We provide both a digital tech and compliance service that lets our clients connect with their network and raise capital. We take away the headaches of operating a website, managing payments and financial regulation. This means our clients focus on what they are good at – finding great deals and building their investor base.


Opening Up Investments To An International Audience


Our clients have told us that they want to reach a much wider international audience. Offering our platforms in multiple languages and currencies will enable our clients to open up their opportunities to international investors in a far clearer and simpler way.


We have experienced significant growth since formation. We now employ 12 people and have plans to recruit further. Our software is becoming the platform of choice for many new capital raising initiatives in the UK. This includes Simple Equity, which raised £1.6 million pounds in 17 minutes on their London based property crowdfunding platform powered by our White Label earlier in the month.


You can read the full article in The Scotsman here.

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