This year’s Tech Nation report is hot off the press showcasing our amazing City of Edinburgh!


Tech City has launched this years report on the state of the digital economy in the UK. The findings highlight the importance of regional clusters to help grow the sector across the whole of the UK.


London may be one of the major hubs to foster tech start-ups and talent, but it’s not the only one in the UK to do so. With Edinburgh being the UK’s second-largest financial centre outside of London its home to some world-class technology companies due to a number of different factors.


According to the report 3 of the main factors contributing to Edinburgh being a leading tech hubs is the strength of the digital economy, growth potential, and overall quality of life. Other key findings show that the digital turnover growth in Edinburgh is +85% – top 5 in the UK! Edinburgh has a highly supportive digital community with a strong sense of camaraderie.


Our CEO and Co-founder Jude Cook told Tech Nation:

“We are proud to be based in CodeBase, the UK’s largest tech incubator in the heart of Edinburgh. They have been vital in giving us our first steps into the world of business. The team there are an invaluable, trusted source of knowledge. They’re genuine operators – people who’ve been there and done it. They understand the highs and the lows of startup life and can help to navigate the journey. Being based in Edinburgh we’ve also been able to tap into world-class talent coming out of the local universities.”


Not only is Edinburgh an attractive place to live because of its standard of living (just have a look at the housing affordability ratio compared to London!) but the report also shows that the salaries are competitive and there was over 25,109 digital jobs created last year. We’re always on the look out for great people to join our team and are currently recruiting for a Fintech Compliance Analyst.


Tech Nation On Tour

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To celebrate the launch of this year’s report Tech Nation will be holding a nationwide roadshow. Join us April 4th at Codebase for the tour event in Edinburgh. You can register for the event here!


You can read the full report at

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