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We are excited to announce a surge of enquiries from property specialists seeking to raise capital online.

Throughout 2017, we have noted an increase in the number of new initiatives coming from property developers and investment managers, fuelled by a need to streamline existing paper driven methods and a desire to open up investments to a wider audience.

Jude Cook, CEO and Co-founder of ShareIn said:

“Property developers and investment managers have a pipeline of projects and a need to raise capital quickly and simply from established and new investors. In relying on traditional capital raising routes they fear being left behind by new technology. At the same time UK investors are looking for new investment opportunities and are comfortable investing online.

“ShareIn gets them together and eliminates the challenge, cost and time associated with setting up and maintaining their own investment platform. We connect organisations with their network swiftly to raise target capital and get deals done.

Our platform handles each step in the investment process from listing opportunities to paying returns and ensures compliance with the UK regulator, The Financial Conduct Authority. Having their own platform enables property specialists to focus on the important matter of sourcing attractive deals and building their network”.

To date, we have supported a wide range of capital raising initiatives from medical, sports, utilities and energy sectors. It is the software platform of choice for many new capital raising initiatives in the UK, many of which have become Appointed Representatives of ours using our regulatory umbrella services.


You can read the full article in The Scotsman here.

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