Equity crowdfunding specialist ShareIn will deliver a world first, a campaign that will enable Chinese investors to buy shares directly in an unlisted UK company.


Today at the World Crowdfunding Conference in Guiyang China BOP, ShareIn’s partner in China, announced the forthcoming launch of the World’s first Chinese/UK cross border equity crowdfunding campaign.


Conor Roche, Associate Director of BOP Consulting, who presented at the World Crowdfunding Conference today said, “This is an exciting new development in global crowdfunding. We are opening up boundaries between the UK and China.”


This announcement coincides with China’s President Xi’s visit in the UK. Addressing peers and MPs in Westminster, the Chinese leader said that, he was “deeply impressed by the vitality of China-UK relations.”


Mr. Xi said he believed the UK and China were becoming more interdependent and a “community of shared interests.” He urges UK to ‘grab’ Chinese opportunities in his message delivered to Britain at a state banquet held in his honor: “Opportunity may knock just once – grab it before it slips away.”


This opportunity exists in the context of a rapidly expanding crowdfunding sector in China, with China having the fastest growing crowdfunding industry in the world. In China, the funds raised by crowdfunding in 2015 are expected to reach $6 billion, up from $3 billion in 2014. In 2025, the Chinese crowdfunding industry is estimated at $50 billion.


ShareIn’s co-founder and CEO, Jude Cook said, “This is a fantastic opportunity to really open up financial trade routes between the UK and China.”


ShareIn has been at the forefront of global crowdfunding. The announcement follows on from the success of one of ShareIn’s recent campaigns which was the first time a company has run an equity crowdfunding campaign from their very own website in both the UK and US simultaneously.


Cook explains, “ShareIn has aimed to get a slice of two of the greatest economies in the World. We have successfully completed a cross border campaign with a partner in the US and we will now do the same in China.”


The campaign is set to launch in Q1 2016. The company seeking to raise funds from Chinese investors is a previous client of ShareIn based in the UK.


For more information contact:


Jude Cook, ShareIn Ltd, +44 7956123405, jude@sharein.com


About ShareIn

ShareIn.com provide FCA authorised equity crowdfunding software services. ShareIn is one of the founding members of the UK Crowdfunding Association. Located in Edinburgh at Codebase, the UK’s largest technology incubator.


Conor Roche, BOP Consulting, conor@bop.co.uk


About BOP

BOP is an international research and strategy consultancy specializing in culture and the creative economy. BOP’s multinational, multilingual team of consultants works from offices in London, Edinburgh, Taipei and Shanghai.

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