Jetpack testing

Jetpack testing

The opportunity to raise start-up capital and launch products via the crowd was a crucial deciding factor when my brother Simon and I committed to starting our business 18 months ago. Having reviewed the crowdfunding options and settled on the ‘equity’ approach.

ShareIn was a natural fit for us; we liked the team’s energy and approach. The platform sets itself apart by focusing closely on company valuation. The team challenged us to justify our valuation to potential investors by providing data on actual money spent to date and the estimated costs to replicate our company to its current state.

If media interest is a guide to future valuation then we’re feeling very optimistic!

This week we announced our plans and have been amazed by the feedback from many leading technology media:

TheNextWeb : “The current prototype system uses thrusters attached to your arm to amplify natural movements in a bid to allow scuba divers to ‘fly around underwater’ …”

Gizmodo: “The X2’s creators are currently raising funds to help refine, perfect, and put the getup into production, and if all goes well they anticipate it could sell for around $5,700.”

Gizmag : “If SCP Marine Innovations’ Underwater Jet Pack reaches production … it looks like it should provide an experience much closer to that of being Aquaman.”

Social media and web traffic has been phenomenal and we’re obviously looking to translate this momentum into investor commitment.

If you haven’t had time to review our pitch, our current prototype, called the ‘x2 Underwater Jet Pack’, is a unique arm-worn delivery system that generates powerful vectored thrust, amplifying movements of the user’s arms. This gives scuba and free-divers a new way to explore freestyle underwater acrobatics as well as simply get around quicker underwater.

The optimum position when using competing technology is to hold it out directly in front of you, but this often means that the thrust is directed straight at the user. The x2 Underwater Jet Pack is worn on the outer arms and is fast, manoeuvrable, un-tethered and, as the The Mail Online commented “redefines underwater propulsion”.

If you would like to learn more please check out our pitch on ShareIn.

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