Over the past few months we have been working hard to develop our new Private Placement Process (P3) product. We’ve built P3 using our crowdfunding and compliance background to streamline the marketing elements of private placements.

Increasing Efficiency for the Private Placement Process

We provide you with an innovative software product to manage the private placement marketing process. Our integrated web-based platform reduces the resource intensity of marketing activity of a private placement.

  • Build a pitch with the content you want (teaser, video, pitch info, data room, meeting diary).
  • Select investors to approach based on your defined filters, prepare your emails, track investor engagement. Focus resources on where they matter most.
  • Easy to navigate, update and share live information with your entire team.
  • Work flow steps such as signing NDAs, self certification/client categorisation tailored to your needs but automatically generated.
  • Real time data to track the level of interest from investors at an individual level as well as deal level campaign performance metrics.
  • Full white label solution – your branding, your flows, your investors and none of your competitors on your platform.
P3 Diagram

 What We Can Offer:

  • Structured approach to communicating deals to an investor base
  • Automation of admin processing (NDAs, KYC, Self Certification)
  • Track investor engagement & focus sales team where they are most valuable
  • Open up deals to a wider audience


For more information on our Private Placement Process product please contact ShareIn!


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