P1 Capital Partners launches their new bond investment website, www.p1capitalpartners.co.uk, using the ShareIn white label platform and Appointed Representative Service.

P1 Capital Partners is a boutique asset-management group focusing on asset backed short-term lending (3 months to 36 months). All lending is secured on UK property by a legal charge (1st or 2nd charge) up to 75% of the development value.

P1 Capital Partners engaged ShareIn to enable their investors to make investments online in a secure and compliant way. P1 Capital Partners are offering a selection of bonds with varied returns. These are available to view on their site now. Please be aware that capital is at risk and investment returns are not guaranteed.

If you are considering starting an investment platform, either to provide your existing investor audience with a new way to manage their investments or if you are launching to a new audience then get in touch.

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