Last week our CEO Jude Cook was featured in The Scotsman’s Monday Interview to talk about ShareIn finding it’s niche in this crowded industry. You can find the whole interview with Kristy Dorsey here.

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Established firms wanting to do their own crowdfunding are beating a path to ShareIn

Crowdfunding is a broad and noisy church, but Jude Cook reckons ShareIn has found its calling within this clamourous congregation. From March of last year, the firm has grown from Cook and her chief technology officer, Andrew Pickett, to employing ten people at its office in Edinburgh’s CodeBase technology incubator. The switch in strategy behind this growth is expected to continue driving revenues in the coming months, with new projects on the horizon and as many as five more staff likely to join by the end of the year. The seminal shift came when ShareIn eased away from match-making between start-ups and financial backers, opting instead to focus on providing technology to organisations that already have their own “crowds”. Examples include property platforms that allow investors to take a stake in a portfolio of residential plots, or the launch earlier this year of a share issue for Hibs in which the Championship club hopes to sell 51 per cent of its equity to supporters.
“We are also in the very lucky position that people are coming to us – we’re not having to go out and recruit new clients. We have found our niche, and we don’t yet have a lot of competition.”With ShareIn, organisations can run their own funding platforms, or crowdfund directly from their website. 


Born: The Wirral, 1973

Education: Durham University

Ambition at school: I wanted to be an astronaut

First job: I worked in a local fruit and veg shop

Can’t live without: My family

Kindle or book: An actual book. Looking at a screen feels like working – a book feels more like fun

Favourite city: Edinburgh

Preferred mode of transport: Bike

What car do you drive: I don’t drive much, but when I do, we have a Ford Galaxy

What makes you angry: Prejudice, pomposity and any sort of pretence

What inspires you: People that are passionate and care about things

Best thing about your job: Hearing about all these amazing plans and aspirations that people have

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