The ShareIn team has grown quickly over the last couple of years. It’s our amazing people that make the magic happen. In our meet the team section we aim to tell you a little more about the people behind the scenes. This week we talked to Maria Tsitsekidou.

Who are you?

Hello, I’m Maria, I moved to Edinburgh from Greece in September 2018 and joined ShareIn. I decided to move to beautiful Scotland in the UK for a better quality of professional and personal life and I am so happy to realise that everything here is beyond my expectations.

What do you do at ShareIn?

I am a member of the Client Support team and my role includes a lot of testing within our platform for our new and existing clients. I enjoy delivering the best results according to each of our clients’ needs, translating those needs to solutions for a better functionality and appeal of their crowdfunding site.

Can I customise my own crowdfunding platform with ShareIn?

Yes, you can! ShareIn offers white label crowdfunding software that allows our clients to fully customise their investment crowdfunding offering – whether than’s an equity crowdfund, crowd bonds (eligible to be held within the Innovative Finance ISA), property crowdfunding, or p2p. The platforms we build are fully customisable – every one of our sites can look totally different so we match the look and feel of your brand.

What’s something you would like to tell people about ShareIn that perhaps they don’t know?

Our CEO, Jude Cook, was recently shortlisted for CEO of the Year in the first ever Scottish Tech Startup Awards! Also, ShareIn is currently taking part in the Women Returners Finance, Legal and FinTech Returners Scotland programme, offering a professional paid placement of 16 weeks to women trying to get back into work in business services in Edinburgh.

Tell us an interesting fact about you?
I love playing tennis! I used to participate in local tennis tournaments when I was living in Greece. Now that I am in Scotland I’m looking forward to starting training here as well. And I can’t forget to mention that my favourite tennis player is Andy Murray!

You can follow Maria on LinkedIn.

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