Edinburgh, April 14, 2016. Crowdfunding software solution ShareIn announces its collaboration with payments technology MANGOPAY today. ShareIn enables companies to equity crowdfund themselves. As it was seeking to provide a comprehensive and compliant crowdfunding solution to its clients, ShareIn discovered MANGOPAY.

Payment Provider Dedicated To Crowdfunding Platforms

MANGOPAY has tackled two key payment challenges associated with crowdfunding: holding client money and robust anti-money laundering checks.

Indeed, MANGOPAY’s API has become the must-have payment technology for crowdfunding platforms in the UK. Since it opened its London office in January 2015, its client base has skyrocketed: in addition to ShareIn, major platforms such as Syndicate Room, Crowd2Fund, InvestUp and Property Moose also use their technology.

“[MANGOPAY] payment flow and product offering is very close to the crowdfunding model,” Céline Lazorthes, founder & CEO, MANGOPAY, told Euromoney. “As a result, our API provides the flexibility to easily manage payments with multiple users and beneficiaries, and can be perfectly adapted to the crowdinvesting and crowdfunding platforms’ needs.”

MANGOPAY Behind Riversimple’s Crowdfund

ShareIn has successfully integrated with MANGOPAY for the launch of Riversimple’s equity crowdfund as the hydrogen powered car company is crowdfunding to match a €2M EU grant. Thereafter, the technology provider has a pipeline of new clients that will be also able to benefit from this partnership.

Lazorthes, underlines: “ShareIn and MANGOPAY have the same goal: to simplify access to equity crowdfunding so that anyone can raise money efficiently from the crowd.”


Find out more about MANGOPAY and ShareIn’s collaboration in Euromoney’s article.


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