Investment Raised: £73,411

Pre Money Valuation: £3m

EIS Eligible: Yes

Number of Investors: 21

Average Investment: £3,495

Sector: Technology


What is Holoxica?

Holoxica is a high tech startup specialising in 3D holographic solutions including printed digital holograms & research into a patented holographic 3D video display. Our technology can show images in mid-air. Our customers have a need to present complex information in real 3D, this includes medical scans, scientific data and engineering designs. We have made holograms of the smallest sub-atomic particles like the Higgs Boson all the way to models of the universe for astronomy. Many of our designs are pioneering and world-beating including a 6 ft anatomical hologram of the human body at Edinburgh University Medical School. We have won many awards for our work.


We have developed two generations of floating mid-air motion holographic displays which have also won awards and was featured on The Gadget Show. We are now seeking further investment to build the next generation display, which is closer to most people’s Sci-fi inspired perception of what a holographic 3D display should be.

Why did you need investment?

We need investment to grow sales of digital hologram products. We are aiming at large untapped markets in medical imaging, scientific visualisation and Engineering presentations of large designs. We now have good knowledge of our customers’ needs.

Why ShareIn?

We were looking for a crowdfunding platform that specialises in technology companies. ShareIn is based in Edinburgh and we found it very easy to engage with them as they are an early stage startup, similar to where we were a few years ago. Quite simply, I do believe that there is a place for tech-oriented crowdfunding as IndieGogo is to Kickstarter.

Experience with ShareIn

The founder, Jude Cook, is very knowledgeable and approachable and understands the tight spots and pressures that startups face as she’s also confronted with them. Holoxica was among the first batch of companies and there were some teething troubles as would be expected with the launch of a new site, these have since been ironed out. Our campaign went well and we managed to exceed our initial target by some margin.

Next Steps

We want to grow our digital hologram business through sales, which is always the best way to grow a business! Our sales have more than doubled compared to the previous financial year. We’re also looking for further venture funding for our dynamic holographic video technology, where we now have a clear roadmap and vision on how to achieve this.


Make sure you have a great product, a good pitch and a decent business plan that you can defend with financials. Understand your customers and their needs. Don’t expect that the money will just flow from the pitch – you need to do your homework and leverage your own network of family and friends. Be prepared to engage with the popular media and leverage social media as much as you can (daily tweets, blogs, newsletters, Facebook updates). The campaign needs to be run as a project in it’s own right with dedicated resources and time.


To hear all the latest on Holoxica visit  www.Holoxica.com

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