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This week The Telegraph looked at four tech hubs outside of London, the article features our CEO and Co-Founder Jude Cook sharing her thoughts on what makes Edinburgh such a great place to start your own tech business.

Research by Tech City found that, accross the UK, digital tech industries are creating employment opportunities and accounting for 1.56m jobs. London may be one of the major hubs to foster tech start-ups and talent, but it’s not the only one in the UK to do so.

Edinburgh is the largest technology cluster outside London in terms of productivity, according to the 2016 Tech Nation report. The city has become a home for established businesses due to a powerful combination of factors.

We’re proud to be based at Codebase the UK’s largest tech incubator in the heart of Edinburgh. Cook explains,“The team there are an invaluable, trusted source of knowledge. They’re genuine operators – people who’ve been and done it. They understand the highs and the lows of start-up life and can help you navigate the journey.”

The full story can be found here.

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