Equity Crowdfunding & Football Are The Perfect Match

ShareIn were featured in yesterday’s Corporate Finance Special Report section of The Scotsman. Jude Cook, Co-Founder of ShareIn, discusses the positive impact that equity crowdfunding can have on the football industry. Check out the full article here.

Jude believes more start-up companies should be taking a leaf out of BrewDog’s book. Speaking at a conference in Glasgow last month, Jude pitched the idea of equity crowdfunding to football fans ahead of the launch of ShareIn’s new Microsite product, which will focus on helping companies use their own platforms to promote their brands to passionate investors.

“We are looking at whether equity crowdfunding in this way might work with supporters clubs,” explains Jude.

“Fans are loyal to their team and aren’t going to to go on one general website for football teams. They’ll support their own team and are more likely to visit their site”.

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