A British firm bidding to consign dental drilling and filling to the medical history books has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign today (Wednesday 22 July 2015). King’s College London spin-out Reminova wants £500,000 from UK and US individuals to take its revolutionary tooth-rebuilding invention to market, and transform global dental health.

Professor Nigel Pitts (Chairman), Dr. Chris Longbottom, Dr. Jeff Wright (CEO)

With the use of ShareIn’s microsite technology- King’s College London spin-out Reminova successfully raised funds on their website from UK, EU, and US investors. This is the first time a company has run an equity crowdfunding campaign directly from their own website in the UK and US simultaneously.

ShareIn’s chief executive and co-founder Jude Cook says, “We are overwhelmed by the success of our first cross border equity crowdfund and the launch of our microsite. We are the only company capable of enabling you to raise funds directly on your website from investors on the other side of the pond.”

In the USA all securities-related activity was conducted by North Capital Private Securities Corporation (NCPS), a registered broker-dealer, and member FINRA/SIPC. In addition Crowdcheck were used to provide due diligence information to potential investors. ShareIn integrated the NCPS technology into the ShareIn microsite to provide one smooth investor journey whether investors came from the UK/EU or US.

Dentist at work

Reminova: The End of The Dental Drilling and Filling

Reminova has developed a revolutionary technology that could mean the end of dental filling, injections, and drilling. Tooth decay affects seven billion people. It costs the world hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Insurers spend $50B on tooth decay in the US alone.

The company’s pain-free treatment reverses and repairs early-stage tooth decay. It uses electrical pulses to regrow natural tooth enamel. There is no need for fillings or injections – instead teeth are painlessly repaired. There is no-one else in the world bringing this (Reminova-patented) technology to market.

The Beauty of Equity Crowdfunding

Led by Reminova’s CEO Jeff Wright, investors were invited to buy shares through a ShareIn Microsite.

Dr. Jeff Wright, CEO of Reminova, says “The beauty about equity crowdfunding is we get shareholders who, like us, want to take the fear, stress and pain out of trips to the dentist. As well as being motivated by the potential financial returns.


For more information visit http://www.reminova.com


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