Led by the founding chair of the UK Crowdfunding Association, Julia Groves, investment managers Downing launch the first crowdfunding platform specifically targeting advised clients using ShareIn’s technology.

ShareIn To Power It’s First Crowdfunded Bond Offering

We’ve enabled a range of companies to meet their fundraising goal’s through equity crowdfunding but this is the first time our platform has been used for bonds. It marks a significant addition to our product offering.

We are thrilled to be working with Downing to deliver this crowdfunded renewable energy bond and work alongside Julia Groves, who is leading Downing’s crowdfunding team.




Speed to market and the ability to customise the platform for Downing’s products and customers were the key criteria in selecting ShareIn. They have been super responsive, and got us out before our competitors, without charging an arm and a leg,” said Groves.


Downing’s Crowdfunding Platform Targets Advised Clients

Downing are offering a one-year fixed rate 6.25% (early bird rate) crowdfunded bond through its newly launched platform www.downingcrowd.co.uk 

Downing chief executive Tony McGing said, “Downing will open up this market to investors who are keen to participate, but want the reassurance that the opportunities have been assessed by their normal advisers and are brought to market by a highly respected provider. Downing will provide those advisers with both the information and the incentive they need to do so.”

Read more in The Scotsman and The Sunday Times.


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