Last year was a pivotal time for ShareIn as we made a strategic change of direction to become a global technology provider of equity crowdfunding tools.


We enable companies to equity crowdfund from their own website with our Microsite technology. We also license our platform to others who want to set up their own crowdfunding platform through our White Label solution.


Directly Crowdfund From Your Own Website


You may not be familiar with the term Microsite (yet!) -perhaps you’ve referred to it before as Do it yourself crowdfunding, auto crowdfunding, a branded gateway, a white label crowdfund or a crowdfunding plug in?


Whatever you may call it with ShareIn you can equity crowdfund yourself! In other words, your crowdfunding campaign will have your branding, your rules and on your website.


Add Equity Crowdfunding To Any Website


We spotted that to be successful with equity crowdfunding companies have to do most of the work themselves. So we don’t make any claim’s to bring the investors – our Microsite technology and compliance solution enables you to equity crowdfund yourself with our expert help behind the scenes.


A Microsite contains powerful features to put you in control. Take a tour of all the different features available with a Microsite.


Raise Capital Your Way!


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With our Microsite technology we’ve helped raise funds ranging from saving a community, University spin-outs to football clubs.


Blipfuture CIC launched an equity crowdfunding campaign to save Blipfoto, a company that went into liquidation earlier in the year, by establishing a community interest company. They raised over £120,000 enough to buy the assets and keep the community alive. Download Blipfuture Case Study.


We launched our first cross border UK/US equity crowdfund that raised a large sum of money for King’s College spin-out Reminova. Download Reminova Case Study.


Recently we’ve teamed up with Hibernian FC to enable simpler fan ownership. With the use of a Microsite Hibernian supporters can buy shares directly on the Hibernian FC website.


We are helping incredible things get funded and grow!


To book a demo or find out more about a Microsite contact me at

Ready to raise capital your way?