We thought you might be interested to hear how one of ShareIn’s success stories is getting on.


CNN International Broadcast 

Holoxica were on Tomorrrow Transformed , CNN’s flagship technology show, presented by Richard Queston. Holoxica featured in a piece on the future of 3D Photography where holographic technology is one of the best ways to present photographic and other information in full colour 3D. The piece includes an interview with founder Dr Javid Khan as well as live shots of digital holograms derived from real scenes and subjects.


Holoxica were prominently featured in a market analyst’s report. This is great news for institutional investors. The 3D Holographic Display market is estimated at $3.57 billion by 2020, growing at 30.23% CAGR.
“The primary factor, driving the market for holographic display is medical imaging. Among leading players in this application, Holoxica Ltd (U.K.) is one of the well-known players for holographic displays, which is working on medical holography used for diagnostics by doctors as well as for learning purposes by medical students.”

We’re really proud of how well they are doing!

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