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An Obvious Approach To Raising Funds In Football

Are the days of passionate volunteers standing out in the rain on match days rattling a collection tin numbered? Perhaps so, as using the internet is a pretty obvious way to reach more people.

Crowdfunding is starting to be used by clubs to raise funds for a variety of reasons including community ownership, infrastructure development, transfer fees, football academies and stadium refurbishments. Essentially it’s just using technology as a tool to collect money from fans who care about their club.

Crowdfund From Your Own Website

With a ShareIn Microsite, football clubs now have the opportunity to directly crowdfund from their own website. This prevents precious marketing resources being wasted promoting a crowdfunding platform, instead loyal supporters can directly invest through their clubs or supporters website. ShareIn offer the technology and handle the financial regulations allowing clubs to focus on promoting their campaign.

I spoke to The Scotsman earlier in the year about the loyalty of football fans and the huge potential equity crowdfunding (fan ownership) has in the football industry. I firmly believe the best place for a football club or supporters club to crowdfund is from their own website. Fans support their own team and are more likely to visit their clubs site.

Crowdfunding Football Club Success Stories

With football fans having such passion for their club, it’s not surprising crowdfunding has already had its share of success stories. One such club is Lewes FC. The first phase of regenerating Lewes FC required funding of £850,000. They had grants of around £600,000 but they used crowdfunding to bridge the funding gap. This success has created the construction of a full size 3G pitch on a land asset transferred to them from East Sussex County Council.

Lewes FC stadium , The Dripping Pan

They hope the 3G pitch will increase turnover by 30% and also engage a greater proportion of their local communities. Increasing its community role and enhancing their social impact is a vital part of the club.

Another success story comes from Bath City FC  who successfully raised £300,000 by offering a share offer to supporters and the wider Bath community. Backed by 400 funders, this will allow Bath City FC to push on up the Football League whilst engaging the whole community and delivering real social benefits to the people of Bath.


Crowdfunding offers a true alternative for large-scale fundraising for Football clubs seeking sustainable financing solutions.

To kick off your campaign, visit ShareIn or contact me on Jude@ShareIn.com.


Photo credit: Kipp Jones via Flickr, Nick via Flickr & Simon Harriyott via Flickr


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