agendaA well executed pitch is essential for crowd funding success. Here are four tips to make a great first impression on investors.

1. Plan Ahead – It is important to plan your campaign before writing your pitch. Identify your ideal market and think about how to frame your pitch, get their attention and then get them excited about your company. Next determine how much money you will need to raise and exactly what it will be going to.

2. Easy to Read Website – You will need a clear description of what your pitch is about on the homepage, ideally in a few sentences. If your company is very technical make sure it is easy to understand for someone with no technical experience. Get feedback from your friends and family about how to make your mission clear and concise.

3. Eye-catching Video and Pictures – To attract an investor who is unfamiliar with your company you will need an image or statement that makes a big impact to draw them in. Once they are engaged, make sure your video explains exactly why your company should be important to them.

4. Answer Investor Questions – It is important to answer any potential investor questions in both your website and video to assure investors that your company will be a success

  •         What does the company do? What problem does it fix?
  •         What experience do you and the team have? Why did you start this company?
  •         Where will the money raised go?
  •         What is your plan? How long will it take?
  •         What is the potential for growth?
  •         What are problems/risks? How are you going to handle them?
  •         What does the competition look like?


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