uk craft breweries turning grain into gold

The UK Craft Brewery Boom

It’s never been a better time in the UK to be a craft beer connoisseur. There’s a revolution going on. Across the UK, craft breweries are preparing casks of ale emphasising quality, flavour and technique while reinventing beer as we know it.

Britain hasn’t seen this many breweries since the Forties. A guide published by Camra reveals that a new brewery opens up in the UK every other day, boasting more breweries per head of the population than any other country in the world. Proving that the UK is a ‘brewing powerhouse’.

Mike Benner, of the Society of Independent Brewers, said: “This is an incredibly exciting time for British craft brewing. The number of breweries is soaring leading to more jobs across the UK and more choice for consumers.”

The brewing boom across the UK has been driven by small independent breweries, which have been springing up all over the country.

David Jackson, CEO of EeBria explains, “With the increased interest in craft beer in general and the anticipation around special beers and limited releases the buzz is simply incredible. It really is like the best craft brewers are becoming the new rock stars with fans doing anything they can to get their hands on the products.”

Combining Craft Beer & Technology

Even for more established craft breweries, funding their passion can be a challenge. Essential equipment includes a hot liquor tank, mash tun, cooper (boiling tank), fermenters, and assorted pumps. Then there’s the more expensive industrial-scale machinery allowing for more control, such as temperature.

Whether it’s to buy new equipment, renovation plans, or launching a new beer the costs adds up. That’s why more and more craft breweries are turning to equity crowdfunding as an innovative way to raise funds.

Craft breweries are tapping into their passionate customer base and successfully raising funds from crowdfunding. In the last 3 years craft breweries have raised over £18M from crowdfunding in the UK.

The Perfect Crowd

Besides the obvious financial benefits gained from equity crowdfunding, craft breweries can also end up with shareholders who truly have a vested interest in them.

As a sector, craft brewing attract consumers who are passionate and selective about their product and are prepared to pay a premium price for it. They are keen to share views, whilst displaying strong brand loyalties.

Stain Westlake, director of policy and research at NESTA discusses BrewDog’s Equity for Punks campaign, “This allows them to go out to people who really value the BrewDog brand and pitch to them. Being able to appeal to a constituency of investors who are really into the product is very important.”

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