We are pleased to announce that ShareIn has received $1 million investment that will provide us with resources needed to support our ambitious growth plans.

Exciting Times Ahead!

The crowdfunding equity market doubled in size last year and is now worth over £50 million. The $1 million raised gives ShareIn the capital it requires to grow in this exciting market. This news comes at a pivotal time for ShareIn as we are making a strategic change in direction to become a global technology provider of equity crowdfunding tools.

Jude Cook, CEO of ShareIn believes that, “Companies who will be successful equity crowdfunding need to understand that they have to generate the crowd themselves. If you list on a platform and don’t bring the first 30% to 40% yourself you are very unlikely to succeed. Then ideally your initial investors will bring their connections.

Companies should realise that the percentage of total strangers who have no prior connection with a company or their connections is very low.”

ShareIn is currently busy working on many new projects. This is an exciting time for our team at ShareIn and we are delighted to secure this funding. We look forward to ShareIn’s future and continue our success with this change in direction!

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